After seven long weeks on the sidelines Georgia Tong is back on court after a foot injury and she’s ready for the business end of the ANZ Premiership.

Sidelined after the first two games, the Splice Magic Construction and Silver Ferns defender is itching to play following two stress fractures in her foot.

“I’ve had a history of foot pain in the same area so initially we just thought it was an old injury flaring up. Against the Pulse in game two my foot got stood on and it just swelled up like a balloon.”

Following diagnostic imaging Georgia got the news she had multiple stress fractures in her foot so was immediately put into a moon boot and on crutches. She jokes that in the grand scheme of injuries seven weeks out for two broken bones is not too bad.

“It’s been hard not playing. Since I started playing in the National Netball League in 2018, I’ve never missed a game. You really have to add value where you can when you’re on the bench or in my case the secondary bench!”

Finding ways to contribute to the team have been a priority around her rehab wanting to be a positive voice for her Magic teammates.

“In the defensive unit I was the one who brought my book so I could do all the writing for everyone. When you’re injured you have to find ways to stay involved.”

Cleared to play in last weekend’s double header against the Robinhood Stars and the Trident Homes Tactix, Georgia was able to manage just over thirty minutes on court.

“My foot held up really well. Hopefully I’ll be cleared for more minutes this weekend. I have to fight for my position to get court time which is great.”

In a covid affected season Georgia says that the postponed games have been a blessing for her only missing four games in her nearly two months away from the court.

Having dodged covid to date, Georgia has put herself in a self-imposed lockdown because she’s desperate to play as many games left of the season as possible.

“I’m working from home, getting my groceries delivered and only going out when I absolutely need to,” who normally is on site at the University of Waikato as the Sports and Clubs Coordinator.

“I’m just so pumped to be playing and I can’t wait to get out there again.”

The Magic play the Stars this Saturday 2.10PM at Globox Arena, Hamilton.

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