Irene van Dyk reflects on her most memorable Magic moments as we gear up for an unforgettable 25th birthday celebration at GLOBOX Arena in Hamilton on 9 June.

What is your all-time favourite Magic netball moment and why?

Winning the trans-Tasman competition in 2012, after losing our first four games everyone questioned if we were on the right track and Noels (Dame Noeline) assured us to believe in the process and stay in the moment.

Reflecting on your journey in netball, is there a Magic moment that you believe defined your career or propelled you to greater success?

The standards that Noels put into place – fitness standards and the work ethic, Thirsty Thursday, with minimal breaks in our trainings and ability to have clarity of mind to make the best decisions possible at any given time.

Can you share a memorable Magic interaction you've had with fans or supporters that deeply impacted you?

The loyalty of our supporters were incredible, we had people driving from Auckland, Hawkes Bay and Wellington supporting us week in and week out, I loved staying out with the supporters and share a handshake, autograph or photo, us being in so many people living rooms and sharing our journey with each and every one of them was crucial, if it weren’t for the supporters we would not have been as successful as we’ve been

What do you think has been the key to Magic’s longevity and success over the past 25 years?

Sheryl did an amazing job in getting the players to work closely with the sponsors and she was also instrumental in building relationships and making the players understand that we won’t have all our privileges if it weren’t for the supporters and the sponsors, we had to make sure we looked after them.

The confidence we had in our management and our magic board who lived and breathed every moment with us. The family values we lived by – Magic – Heart.

We were not only netball players – we are family and the majority of us still visit one another and will look after one another forever. Our hearty volunteers that makes us feel at home wherever we played Rotorua, Tauranga, Hamilton – Netball will not survive without our volunteers.

Can you share any behind-the-scenes anecdotes or stories from your time with the team that fans might not be aware of?

Thank goodness social media was not a thing :)

As you celebrate this milestone, what are your hopes and aspirations for the team's future?

To celebrate the uniqueness of every outing, every venue and that nothing last forever, make sure you build your future while you play.

AVIS Magic has been a cornerstone of the netball community for 25 years, bringing excitement, passion, and unforgettable moments to fans. Join us in celebrating our legacy and looking forward to many more years of netball excellence.

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