It’s been a challenging start to the ANZ Premiership for the Splice Construction Magic, but captain Samantha Winders is confident that the team is heading back to winning ways.

“Despite all the disruptions through Covid there’s a very positive feeling in the team,” says Winders.

“We have to put things in perspective – we’re only a third of the way through the season.”

For Winders, who has experienced Covid and realises the impact it’s having on the competition right now, she offers this simple advice to the netball community, “be kind to yourself and your mates that are experiencing it.”

Winders is quick to emphasise that it’s ok to step away to recover and the importance of taking your time getting back on court. That message is not just for the ANZ Premiership teams but for everyone involved in netball across New Zealand.

The Magic have incredibly fielded 16 players on court in the first five games.

With 10 games to go in the regular season Winders says it’s important for all involved in the team that you do the best with what energy you’ve got on game day whether you’re playing, on the bench or on the second bench returning to action.

“For us it’s about not doing anything flashy. It doesn’t matter how matter how long it takes to get the ball to the hoop and through it.”

Buoyed by the return of a full crowds Winders says it was awesome to be back in front of the loyal Magic fans.

“I know for me when I was young there’s something about coming to a live netball game.”

“A netball game is a personal experience because you’re so close to it and you can really see everything that’s happening on court. It’s special.”

Itching to get back on the court after the postponement of the latest rounds with the Ascot Park Hotel Southern Steel, Winders highlights the need for all teams to care of each other in this super challenging environment.

“First and foremost, we want our netball community to be safe. When we have two teams who are both ready to play, I can guarantee everyone will be jumping out of their skin to be out there doing what we love.”

The Magic take on the MG Mystics on Monday 2 May at Eventfinda Stadium.

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