With the 2021 Netball World Youth Cup cancelled, the ANZ Premiership is the perfect chance for young Magic midcourter Georgie Edgecombe to shine.

A member of the NZ U21 Squad, Edgecombe was hoping to be selected to compete at the event in Fiji, but due to the cancellation due to Covid-19, many players around the country are missing out on the chance to represent their country and defend the title won in 2017. 

“It was quite disappointing but at the same time understandable, you’ve got to do what’s best for everyone,” Edgecombe said of the cancellation.

However, Edgecombe is one of the lucky players who received a contract to play in the ANZ Premiership this season and therefore will be seen suiting up with and against some of the biggest names in netball. 

The step up from National Netball League is always a challenge, but Edgecombe is taking it in her stride.

“It’s been intense, but I’m really enjoying it and it’s awesome learning from all the experienced players in our team.”

You couldn’t ask for a better side to learn from, with Grace Kara and Sam Winders rounding out the midcourt positions in the Magic, the latter honing her craft at wing defence for the Silver Ferns.

Edgecombe is the rookie in the Magic midcourt, but after being a training partner for two years, can hold her own with the big names in the team.

She has already made her mark on the wing defence bib at the Magic, playing two full games, picking up valuable ball and not shying away from the physical challenges thrown at her. 

The Magic started their season with a four goal win over the Mystics, in which Edgecombe finished the 60 minutes with four deflections. 

“It was tiring, but good, definitely cool to get out there on court and just put into practice what we’ve been doing at training.”

The team’s first loss of the season came against the Central Pulse, but Edgecombe’s numbers were up while also lowering her error rate. Also impressive was the fact that she limited her contact penalties, knowing when to contest in a highly physical game. 

Early in the season, the 20-year-old is already showing improvements and has the opportunity to stand out in a team full of experienced players.

In her first full season, Edgecome hopes to make the most of all the opportunities coming her way.

Edgecombe believes the Magic have what it takes to win the competition and is sure to play her role in getting them to the top.

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